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     When you buy from AOBOTE BEARING GROUP you can expect brand name, 
      premium products, that are high quality, durable, dependable and at superb
      prices. We don’t settle for imitations, so why should you?

     What's The Problems With Fake Bearings ?
1. You’re not getting what you paid for .
      2. They may pose a danger to operations, to finances and to human lives .
      3. It’s often
hard to tell the difference between a genuine and a counterfeit bearing .
      4. They are part of
illegal and unethical practices .

     We have over 30 years experience in this field, and are official authorised
      distributors for some of the world’s leading manufacturers meaning we can offer
      probably the best prices available via email in the Asia.

We supply mainly SKF, Koyo, NTN and FAG-INA bearings, all world leaders and
      world renowned for quality. 
If you have any questions  about our service, or if a
      product is not listed on our Online Shop and you would like us to order it for you,
      please contact us.

     Out of Stock Products
      Product(s) that are out of stock and have been purchased on backorder will usually
      be delivered to you within 2 – 3 days of placing your order. However, where the
      product(s) are unavailable or can not be sourced, an alternative product(s) may be

     What are bearing clearances / what does C3 mean?
      Clearance refers to the internal clearance of a bearing between its raceways and
      rolling elements. A c3 or greater bearing, where the clearance is greater than
      standard are typically used is higher
speed applications where there may be material
      expansion due to heat produced through friction.

       It is not recommended using a C3 bearing on an application where it is not
       specifically required. We always recommend referring to the manufacturer’s
       literature to determine the clearance of bearings required.

      I can’t find the bearing on you website?
      If you are having any problem finding the correct part on our system or indeed for
       anything else please feel free to call or email us and we will do our very best to help
       you as quickly and efficiently as possible.  

Any listing for bearing for all machines etc?
We generally do not know exactly what bearings go in any particular machine as
     manufacturers can be protective of this information as they may have their own
     parts distributors it would like its customers to use. However if you can supply us
     with bearing codes or sizes we should be able to help on the vast majority of enquiries.


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